Cinematic space rockers OOLALA, led by golden mystical frontman Rumi Kitchen, craft hook-laden funk-rock jams laced with psychedelic jazz, stadium glitter rock, and heavy soul, as they seek answers to the cosmological mysteries that lie beyond our grasp.

Hoots & Hellmouth

For more than a decade, Philadelphia favorites Hoots & Hellmouth have crafted an evolving mix of folk, rock, soul, and gospel-influenced Americana and cultivated a dedicated following for their raucous, foot-stomping, revival-style live performance.

The Dead Milkmen

Philly punk icons the Dead Milkmen have been delighting fans and confounding critics with their quirky brand of smart, satirical punk for nearly 40 years. They’ve released twelve albums over their prolific career, and saw mainstream success with the classic singles “Bitchin’ Camaro” and “Punk Rock Girl.”


Decontrol formed in 1979 with the sole mission to wreak havoc at local parties and gigs, and evolved to become pioneers in the vibrant Philly hardcore punk scene. They’ve only grown angrier and tighter over the years, and are still raging hard and furious.

The Giving Groove

The Giving Groove is not your typical record label. We help artists realize their musical vision while giving back to the community at the same time. Under our “artist friendly, socially conscious” model, half of album proceeds after taxes go to the artist, and half are donated to a music nonprofit of that artist’s choice.