OOLALA is the greatest Space RockRoll band in the UNIVERSE. Free through their vibrations to inter-dimensionally transcend the gravitational fabric of the cosmos, they are largely unbound in their quest to FEEL and explore the bleeding edges of human scientific knowledge, and provide mystical vision pillars for its promotion. Led by the great singer RUMI KITCHEN of Johnny Showcase and the Mystic Ticket fame, with LUX NAUTA, and Vincent "THE LION" Federici, the group announces their international debut EP "The New RockRoll Cosmology", to be released on The Giving Groove label in May of 2017. Produced by Rumi Kitchen and Tim Sonnefeld(Usher, The Roots, Mary J. Blige, The Dixie Hummingbirds), the record is a heavy funk riff space RockRoll vocally virtuosic masterpiece. There is nothing quite like it happening in the human world. The four songs cover a broad band of galactic themes, from leaving the known universe through a black hole in "Falling Out of the Universe", to a surrealist domestic space relationship gone wrong in "Get Yo Ass in That Space Camaro". The deluxe 45 RPM 12" vinyl record will have a gold foil cover, reflecting the band's belief that shiny things move faster through space-time. Sonically and spiritually, the 3 members of the band, RUMI, LUX, and V the LION, form a RockRoll TRIANGLE of energy and vibration, allowing them to spawn a GOLDEN EGG at their every performance.