DECONTROL- "Thoughts & Prayers" vinyl & digital download GG003


Philadelphia's punk rock progenitors are back with a brand new, face-melting full-length album. The LP, "Thoughts & Prayers", brings a full assault on the listener, both musically and lyrically. Featuring songs such as "Your God is a Demon" and "Big Bad Ugly Stinkin World" Decontrol holds nothing back--proudly announcing to their listeners that ideals such as justice, morality, idiosyncratic humor, and anarchic self-government are not dead--in fact they are needed now more than ever. The trio, comprised of Adam Bomb Avery, and brothers Richie and Rob Birch project incredible energy insuring that "Thoughts & Prayers" will appeal to old-school punks and the contemporary punk scene alike. Having shared the stage with acts such as Husker Du, Dead Kennedys, UK Subs, Discharge, Circle Jerks, The Exploited, and GBH, Decontrol is continuing to solidify their status as one of Philly's legendary punk bands. Just try to stop them.​

Pressing Information

Limited edition (300), hand numbered, random color vinyl.

Pressed with love at Gotta Groove Records, Cleveland, OH.